Hibiscus drink and its health benefits



Hibiscus is most often consumed in the form of drink, rose petals are brewed in the usual way, insist and drink, hot or cold, with the addition of honey or sugar. It is noteworthy that this drink is tasty in any form, hot invigorates, and cold saves in heat from thirst and overheating. Hibiscus helps to minimize the symptoms of a hangover, fighting alcohol intoxication.

Hibiscus Tea

A useful refreshing tea can be prepared from the flowers of hibiscus, which quenches thirst well. Hibiscus tea is known as “Karkade”. But it is also called “pharaoh drink”, “Sudan rose”, “red rose”, “kandahar”, “mallow of Venice”, “rose Sharon”, “kenaf”. It is a national drink in Egypt.
To make hot tea at home, you need 2 tbsp. Spoons of dried petals of Chinese rose pour 2 cups of boiling water, insist half an hour and strain. Do not need to boil tea for a long time, because it will become dirty gray due to decomposition of coloring substances.

To make cold tea, you need to pour flowers (along with cups) with cold water all night, and in the morning strain and use cold. This tea quenches thirst well in hot weather.
Tea can be drunk both in hypotension and in hypertensive patients. Moreover, in hot form tea promotes increase of arterial pressure, and in cold – decrease.

Hibiscus Juice

Hibiscus juice folk healers are recommended to use for the treatment of a number of diseases, including, in order lowering the level of cholesterol in the blood. For these purposes, the most suitable Chinese hibiscus, this is also called the Chinese rose. Juice is squeezed from fresh flower buds in any accessible way, for example, using gauze or meat grinder.

Hibiscus syrup has a wide range of useful properties, but it is usually not used as a medicinal product, but as a non-alcoholic drink or an ingredient of a variety of cocktails. The composition of the syrup includes inflorescences of hibiscus, water and cane sugar. The use of this drink after a meal will help to get rid of digestive problems.

hibiscus drink

Health benefits of Hibiscus Drinks

Delicious hibiscus drinks is incredibly useful for any age group of people. The substances contained in the flower plants cause an interesting red coloration. Anthocyanins have amazing P-vitamin activity, due to which the drink perfectly strengthens the walls of blood vessels, while simultaneously regulating blood pressureand vascular permeability. In hot form this unparalleled tea raises blood pressure, and in cold it lowers it. In addition, the presented drink boasts a powerful antispasmodic effect.

Due to its unique composition, tea based on hibiscus flowers not only improves overall well-being, but also boosts immunity. The action of anthocyanins increases quercetin. It helps to cleanse the body of all sorts of toxins and toxins, allowing people to get rid of unnecessary products of metabolism. With regular use of tea stimulation of bile production occurs, and also necessary protection of the liver from external and internal adverse effects. This significantly improves metabolism.

Drink from hibiscus can destroy numerous pathogens, while it fights with various parasites. A pleasant, sourish taste of hibiscus tea refreshes in the heat. At an elevated body temperature, it contributes to its normalization. Because tea does not contain oxalic acid, it is considered safe for all patients with kidney disease. Organic acids, flavonoids, pectins, vitamins and trace elements and low calorie content makes carcade a great helper during various weight loss diets.