Hibiscus rosa sinensis’s flower hasn’t hair growth promoting effect – A scientific study


Flower of Hibiscus rosa sinensis is known as hair growth promoter (Keshya) in traditional and folklore medicines (1). Moreover, in India the herbal products in the market intended for hair growth include the extract of various parts of Hibiscus rosa sinensis (2). Adhirajan et al 2003 from Central Leather Research Institute, Chennai, India evaluated hair growth potential of Petroleum ether extract of leaves and flowers of Hibiscus rosa sinensis by in vivo and in vitro methods. The results of in vivo and in vitro study showed that that the leaf extract, when compared to flower extract, exhibits more potency on hair growth (2).

Upadhyay et al 2011 (3) from College of Pharmacy, IFTM, Moradabad (U P), India and G B Technical University, Lucknow (UP), India investigated the efficacy of ethanolic extract of Hibiscus rosa sinensis flower as hair growth promoter. As the part of this study female wistar rats were selected and divided in three groups and their skin was denuded with hair removing cream, electronic shavers and hair clippers for ensuring complete removal of hair. Then ethanolic extract of flowers from Hibiscus rosa sinensis, minoxidil (standard) and 2% solutions of vehicle (control) respectively were applied on shaved denuded skin of different groups of rats twice a day for thirty days.

During this period of study rats were observed visually for pattern of hair growth studies and after treatment period their skin biopiosis were taken for follicular density and cyclic phases of hair growth. The results of this study describe that on the basis of visual observation of rats and histopathology, ethanolic extract of flowers from Hibiscus rosa sinensis exhibited shorter hair and take more time for growth and favours telogenic stage of hair follicles as compared to control thus it showed hair growth retarding activity inspite of hair growth promoting one. Ethanolic extract of Hibiscus rosa sinensis did not show any hair growth promoting effect even it was below to control group of animals in hair growth promotion parameters that means it is able to retard hair growth. This investigation proved that ethanolic extract of Hibiscus rosa sinensis flowesr may have potential as hair growth retarding agent so it may use in preparations for hair removing creams.

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